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Electronic Lock

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Electronic Cabinet Locks with Smart Access Control

MicroIQ electronic cabinet locks are reliable and simple replacements for virtually every key-operated lock in the workspace. MicroIQ locks are ideal for lockers, workstations, file cabinets, medical carts, tool cabinets, and more. All MicroIQ locks operate in both station mode (single user) or locker mode (hoteling/shared use/multi-user/one-time code) and can easily switch between modes. MicroIQ locks can be used stand-alone yet are easily scalable to multiple users/control levels and can provide enterprise-wide visibility and control.

MicroIQ locks are made in the USA and are powered by a corrosion-free, replaceable battery rated at 50,000 cycles (about 3 years of use).


Cabinet & Locker Locks

electronic core replacement lock

Core Replacement Locks

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Easy Install

Drop-in replacement for all key-operated locks. Installs in minutes with no hard wiring.

Dual Operating Modes

Configured for assigned use or one-time use (hoteling mode). Easily switch modes.

Multiple Access Levels

User, Supervisor, and Master access level codes for enterprise security management.

Access Control Options

Lock access via raised keypad, key fob, wireless or existing RFID cards/tags.

Wide Variety of Keyless Locks Available

Depending on the application and security level required, there are different types of electronic cabinet locks and locker locks available. From keypad access control to the more advanced cloud-based solutions that enable security managers to quickly and efficiently manage, control, track and audit lock access remotely, MicroIQ has scalable keyless lock solutions tailored to meet specific needs.

Available in a variety of configurations (including ADA compliant), these units can be installed in both wood or metal lockers, desks, office cabinets, and various types of furniture.

MicroIQ retrofits and replaces the lock cores of leading furniture manufacturers.

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Streamline Enterprise Security from a Single Portal

Streamline and simplify your security administration with the easy-to-use ProxTraq portal. The cloud-based solution enables security managers to quickly and efficiently manage, control, track, and audit lock access remotely from any pc.

  • Assign unique parameters for each lock, employee, group, or location.
  • Easily enroll hundreds of prox cards remotely.
  • Track activity and generate audit trails in case of a breach.
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Forward Thinking

Combines an energy-efficient locking mechanism and access control circuit with powerful and scalable wireless control key platforms.

Precision Crafted

All our locks are constructed of premium materials and made in the USA.

Purposefully Imagined

Micro IQ is engineered to fit industry-standard core and shell profiles making replacement of every key-operated lock possible.