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Electronic Lock

Made in the USA

Electronic Lock Options

The MicroIQ electronic lock has several locking mechanisms to choose from enabling you to replace many of the locks in use today.

MicroIQ retrofits and replaces the lock cores of the following furniture and lock manufacturers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the MicroIQ lock have one time user codes?

The MicroIQ electronic lock in locker mode allows a user to enter in a one time code to lock the unit.  Once the code is used to open the lock, the code is erased.
Specify locker mode at the time of order to have your lock configured to this operating mode.
If you have a lock that is currently operating in station mode that you would like to change to locker mode,  refer to the ‘Switching Modes’ video. The operating instructions also provide written instructions on how to switch modes.

What are the benefits of MicroIQ?

Keyless  – Just enter your code for quick access

Scalable – The master code and/or control keyfob can be used for as many locks as desired, making enterprise security management simple.

Time savings – No core change-outs for lost keys or employee turnover.  Simply use the master or supervisor code (or keyfob) to change the user code.

Keyfobs – Keyfobs can be used in place of codes, enabling quick access to the locks.

Wireless – If you prefer not to have a user code to remember, the locks will allow your phone or tablet to control the lock.

Access with Prox Cards – RFID badge-enabled locks allow you to learn existing prox cards into the lock for access.

Can I reset my lock to the factory code?

No. Once the factory code is overwritten by a master code, the factory code is permanently erased.  Make sure to keep a record of your master code once it has been programmed into the lock.

What is the battery I need for replacement?

You will need a CR-2032 lithium ion battery which you can purchase from TriTeq directly or at many retail or online stores.

Where can I get troubleshooting help?

Most questions can be answered by watching our videos found on our website under SUPPORT or directly on our YouTube channel.  There are separate videos for station and locker mode.  You can also refer to the troubleshooting guide.

How do I know which lock to order?

MicroIQ can be configured in a number of different ways.  Refer to the models chart to see what model best suits your application and needs.

What colors are available?

The MicroIQ locks are available in satin chrome and black.

Can I use the same key-fob for multiple locks?

Yes, the keyfob can be used to access as many locks as desired.  This feature can be very useful as one control keyfob can be used to manage security in a large enterprise, saving both time and money.

What is the difference between station and locker mode?

Station mode refers to a workstation or office environment where there is typically one daily user of the lock. The lock is used repeatedly with one keypad code and/or a key fob. If the user has a key fob, that same key fob can be added to as many locks as desired to enable the user to have one key fob to operate all his or her locks. In addition, a total of 3 unique access codes and/or key fobs can be added for enterprise security management.
Locker mode refers to an environment such as a club, hotel, or school where the user selects a temporary code for access to a given locker or storage unit.
All locks are shipped in station mode. The lock can be switched between the two modes. For instructions on how to switch the operating mode of the lock, refer to the ‘switching modes’ video or the operating instructions.

How do I switch the lock from station to locker mode?

1. Unlock the MicroIQ and turn the knob to the unlocked position
2. Remove the battery for 10 seconds
3. While holding the program button P, reinsert the battery and wait until all 3 LED’s ●▲■ fade in and fade out simultaneously
4. Release the program button
5. Enter the 6 digit master code. When the master code is entered correctly, the yellow LED will illuminate
6. Press button number 1 for station mode, Press button number 2 for locker mode
7. Once the lock switches modes, the LED’s will flash in a certain order according to the mode selected:
a. Station Mode: ●▲■
b. Locker Mode: ● ■▲
8. Proceed to operate the lock in the selected mode

Do I need a spacer?

If the lock shell has a non-removable finish cup or a collar/bezel that would restrict the MicroIQ from being inserted flush to the cabinet, use an appropriate lock spacer in between the MicroIQ and the cabinet. Spacers of 0.1” ( P/N: 13081-00 ) and 0.187” ( P/N: 13081-10 ) are available.

Can I change the factory master code?

Yes, we actually recommend changing the factory master code to a new master code.
You can do that by pressing on the program button 5 times, enter your factory master code twice, and finally enter your new master code.

What is the control key fob?

The control key fob is an infrared remote that you can use in place of a master code. It can be learned into as many locks as desired.  To learn more watch the “How to add and use the control keyfob video”